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Stranaska Scientific is a world-wide industry expert and critical thought leader in analytical metrology. Underpinned by its proud heritage and cultural linkage to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Stranaska Scientific has earned an international reputation for its ongoing development and educational promotion of science-based metrological approaches to the performance evaluation and qualification of analytical instrumentation, especially UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers and microplate readers that are used in FDA-regulated healthcare laboratories.

Stranaska Scientific strives to advance the state-of-the-art of analytical metrology as the cornerstone to calibration, testing, manufacturing support and quality control laboratories worldwide. Specifically, Stranaska Scientific supports the implementation of analytical scientific methods for UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometric analysis in biotechnology, clinical, environmental, food and beverage, forensic, industrial hygiene and pharmaceutical disciplines.

The core operational business unit of Stranaska Scientific LLC provides spectrophotometric metrology laboratory services that facilitate the quality control, performance evaluation and qualification of analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers and laboratory microplate readers. Stranaska’s science-based measurement standards and recertification programs are developed by Dr. Jerry Messman, the former leader of the NIST Analytical Chemistry Spectrophotometric SRM Program. The laboratory certification of our new standards and the recertification of existing customer standards are the responsibility of Melissa Hartwell, Assistant Director and Laboratory Leader. Stranaska’s spectrophotometric metrology laboratory measurement service is especially critical to helping maintain an adequate worldwide healthcare industry supply chain of clinical and medical products, both pandemic related as well as those critical drugs approved for regular day-to-day use.

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