The company’s short courses and workshops, podium and poster presentations at scientific meetings and conferences, publications, scientific technical reports, and related scientific editorial content are archived in the Stranaska Journal of Analytical Research and Measurement Analytics (SJARMA), through Stranaska Press, the in-house publishing unit of Stranaska Scientific LLC.


  • 19970800 – Calibration and Validation of UV-VIS Absorption Spectrophotometers
  • 19981100 – Reference Material Standardization Guidelines for Quality Control and Validation of UV/VIS Absorption Spectrophotometers
  • 19990900 – A Full-Service UV/VIS Measurement Science Program
  • 20000001 – Certified Photometric Standard for Quality Control and Validation in UV/VIS Analysis of Lithographic Resist Materials and Processes
  • 20000002 – Traceability Issues for Defensible Open-Loop Certification of UV/VIS/NIR Reference Material Standards
  • 20000517 – Introduction to Spectro-Analytical Metrology
  • 20010320 – Improving Laboratory Efficiency with Compliant Spectro-Analytical Instrument Calibrations
  • 20031019 – Historical Review of Standard Reference Materials for Analytical Spectrophotometry – A Tribute to Dr. Radu Mavrodineanu
  • 20040000 – A Wavelength and Resolution Test Reference Material Artifact for Short-Wave Near-Infrared Absorption Spectrophotometry
  • 20050200 – Introduction to Analytical Metrology
  • 20050500 – Calibration Reference Material Artifacts for Spectrophotometric Validation of Dynamic Absorbance Measurements
  • 20050313 – Analytical Metrology Perspective of Spectral Bandpass in UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometry
  • 20070309 – Examining Certified Reference Material Artifacts for Analytical Metrology
  • 20121018 – Use of Intrinsic Data for Certification and Renewal of Holmuim Oxide Solution Wavelength Measurement Standards
  • 20130001 – Qualification of a Reference Spectrophotometer for Absorbance Microplate Certification