Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition

Portal Viewing Period: November 16, 2020 – December 31, 2020

Presentation Title: Analytical Metrology for Laboratory Managers

Presenter: Jerry D. Messman, PhD – Stranaska Scientific LLC, Senior Analytical Scientist and Managing Director


Metrology is the scientific cornerstone to confidence in analytical measurement test results. Especially with respect to chemical metrology or measurement-centric chemistry, metrology impacts laboratory management practices in many ways because of the following: (i) it is central to science-based acquisition of analytical measurement data for meaningful interpretation, defensible decisions and strategic planning, (ii) it is essential to analytical measurement study design for avoiding flawed laboratory testing outcomes, (iii) it is fundamental to understanding false negatives and false positives in laboratory testing results where binary outcomes are fundamental to the test, and (iv) it is essential to all examples of analytical method validation and analytical instrument qualification. Here we provide a general overview of the critical role of analytical metrology in how it can influence laboratory data integrity in different scientific professions including forensic science, laboratory medicine, clinical diagnostics and testing, pharmaceutical and healthcare science, environmental science, and food science and safety.