The Stranaska Academy is . . . . .

      • the Academic Track of the Stranaska Analytical Metrology Education Center

      • a Registered Partner with Poudre School District and NoCo Inspire!

      • a Science Student Resource for Real-World Guidance to College and Career Preparedness in the Post-Pandemic Era


The Stranaska® Academy is a private student-focused learning center of expertise in analytical metrology – a hybrid discipline of chemical measurement science that transcends the traditional realms of analytical chemistry and scientific metrology.

Our vision is to promote analytical metrology as a scientific educational means to inspire a greater proportion of our young students to recognize science as an achievable career path and to embrace chemistry as the primary focus of their science studies. 

Our purpose is to provide student awareness and an extra-curricular learning program that facilitates real-world career readiness of high school and post-secondary science students, especially students with chemistry aptitude. Our hands-on lab classes augment traditional school chemistry curricula, and our research study sessions transcend the scope of most school science and STEM clubs. Flexibility in the academy schedule provides the extra convenience and the necessary means to accommodate the student’s busy extra-curricular school and work-study schedule.

Chemistry Paths for Careers in Analytical Science

With a chemistry background enriched with the measurement emphasis of analytical metrology, engaging science students are now poised to expand their horizons and open previously closed doors for a new class of meaningful STEM jobs in analytical science professions.

For example, click on the links below for just a few of the exciting measurement-centric chemistry career pathways to rewarding STEM jobs in analytical science.

Analytical Instrumentation          Chemical Metrology          Forensic Science          Laboratory Medicine          Other Analytical Science Sectors


The New Stranaska® CHEM-STEM Initiative
Measurement-Centric Chemistry and Analytical Science as the New Gateway to  Life-Changing STEM Opportunities that Transcend School Science Clubs

Individualized Scientific Mentorship and Career Guidance for Helping High School and Post-Secondary Students Get an Advantage Over the Competition

EMPOWERING STUDENTS – Our new extra-curricular lab classes and research study modules integrate hands-on analytical instrumentation, real-world metrology, relevant professional work experiences, career awareness and scientific mentorship into the traditional standard school curriculum for chemistry and related STEM subjects. Let us help tailor a science career path for you that is best suited to your interests.


The Stranaska® Academy Advantage

Academy students who augment their science backgrounds with our measurement-centric chemistry courses and research study modules are in the enviable position of being able to better control their own career paths. They are now empowered to open closed doors to new and exciting scientific professional careers, technician positions and ancillary job opportunities in analytical science, chemical analysis and related STEM fields previously unknown or unavailable to them.


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Dr. Jerry Messman, Academy Director


Telephone: 970-282-7054